What We Do

Jinja is arguably Uganda’s heart beat; it is a gem of unrivaled beauty, an asset to Uganda of humongous economic potential and a testament to nature’s benevolence. From playing host to the World’s famous River Nile to anchoring Uganda’s major power dams, Jinja is developing a well planned, serene and tranquil town. Jinja City is of regional importance as it is considered to be the regional capital of Busoga sub region, Its is growing rapidly as a result of having over 80 industries that employ over 8000 people, Presence of hydro power dams for the supply power for both domestic and commercial use, its location along the Trans African high way, Jinja port, and the railway station that boosts both local and foreign trade. Jinja is also a home to the source of river Nile, the world’s longest river and one of the seven wonders of the world thus boosting tourism. Its also the cultural seat of the Busoga kingdom. Furthermore the presence of private public Patternships that foster development like (madhivan group of co., Bidco, Eskom, Nile breweries etc) are worthy mentioning